Joao Rodríguez at Patricia Mendoza Art Gallery

Primera Piedra (First Stone)
by Joao Rodríguez

The First Stone is the first intervention to a landscape, the first possibility to architecture.

Build or destroy?

The possibility to create a respectful and coexisting space with nature.

The possibility of being sedentary when choosing a place to live.

Men stopped being nomadic, he appropriated places and what it offers, plants and wildlife have been domesticated and used for benefit of humanity.

Primera Piedra pieces 1 and 2 acrylic and canvas speak about the possibility of live in a landscape, the choice is to live it or to destroy it.

Wood houses are reference of how to use the material to represent itself.

The piece columns and flamingo is a representation of how nature and architecture merge: they represent the animal and on architectural shape.

Primera piedra, recent work of Joao Rodríguez is exposed at Patricia Mendoza Art Gallery.

February 10th
18:30 hrs.

February the 11th at 18 hrs.

Alvaro Obergón e Hidalgo, s/n
Col. Centro, C.P. 23400
San José del Cabo, B.C.S.


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