Pres. Obama Summer Playlist

Like he did last summer, President Obama has put together two eclectic music playlists–one for a hot summer day, and another for a summer evening. And they’re both pretty chill, the stuff vacations are made of. If you have Spotify (download it here), you can start streaming all of the songs below. And if you want to…

Golf & Music

Studies conducted by sports psychologists have determined that music has a great impact on the performance level of an athlete, today it is easy to find high school, college and even professional level golfers on the range practicing with their latest play list. In other sports such as the Olympics most of the swimmers had…

Golf & Music: Pro Players Playlists

Music is personal. Some couldn’t live without classical, others without smooth country tunes. But if you’re not married to a specific genre of music, and are a bit curious about what other golfers listen while honing their golf game, we found three old playlists (from 2014) of some well reconginized golfers. Rickie Fowler   2….

Ignacio Escribano at Flora Farm

Flora Farms is thrilled to welcome back Argentine singer, meditation & breathing instructor Ignacio Escribano Acoustic, who is going to be offering two events at the Mango Grove: ACOUSTIC CONCERT FEB 27TH 6PM Ignacio weaves together ancient mantras in sanskrit with influences such as the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Latin American Rhythms, Brazilian and World Music….