The Custom Frame Studio at Galeria de Ida Victoria

Image 09-05-16 at 2.04 p.m.

Image 09-05-16 at 2.05 p.m.same care . same precision . same materials

A work of art does not need to be expensive, to be of value to you. Take precautions to ensure it a safe future so you may enjoy it for many years.

There are really two parts of picture framing. What is on the outside and what is on the inside. Framing a work of art is not only to aesthetically enhance the artwork and a means to hang it on your wall, but more importantly to protect the work of art from the elements.

When choosing how you want your piece framed there are countless combinations to choose from, not only the hundreds of moulding and matting choices but the actual frame package that will compliment and work best to enhance your work of art. When working with a client, Pete always starts by saying it is important to frame the work of art to match the art, not the couch or the drapes. This will guarantee that the art will look its absolute best wherever it is placed.

See more about The Custom Frame Studio in their page.
Image 09-05-16 at 2.15 p.m.


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