The Hayloft Construction at Flora Farms

On March 18th, 2016, Flora Farms initiated construction work on the hillside Haylofts. The first work on the site collected significant native plant species for protection and later planting. Flora will first tag the affected trees, bushes and cactus. Work then proceeds to remove the plants and then clear the site to begin earth-moving. They will be grading the entire site establishing the terraced hillsides for planting crops and the flat sections for fruit trees and Hayloft homes.

Hayloft pricing increase on May 10th

The Land Clearing phase of the upcoming hillside Haylofts community has been completed. Earth Moving will commence within the next several weeks and after that, they begin building the stand alone private residences of the Haylofts at Flora Farms.

The combination of Cabo’s success and Flora Farms’ popularity, mixed with strong U.S. economy, the commencing of Haylofts’ construction, and from having nearly completed and sold the entire Culinary Cottages community; sales of the Haylofts have never been better.

With their recent sales success, they are entering into the next tier of price ramping and will be increasing the pricing of the Haylofts, effective May 15th 2016.

Pre-Existing Owners

If you are interested in exchanging your ownership into a larger dwelling or acquiring an additional residence or perhaps additional inventory, the best time to do so is now, before the prices increase. Please contact Juan Bernardo at to discuss your interest further.

Invited Guests

Detailed information and pricing of Real Estate at Flora Farms is available only to those who ave received a Private Invitation. If you have received an invitation and are interested in learning more, contact Juan Bernardo at

Don’t have an Invitation?

If you do not have an invitation, but are interested in receiving one, contact Juan Bernardo at


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