Trisha Oldfield at Galeria de Ida Victoria



A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME 4“This is a story of a little girl who lived in the arctic territories. Under the northern lights and on the land of the midnight sun. She found her passion for art and was taught how to use a paintbrush. But feeling no emotional connection to the snow or to the cold, the hands of destiny gradually guided her south towards the ocean. It was there where she fell in love with a sailor and created a family. The wild coast and natural island life was truly inspirational and nurturing to her creativity. But feeling no emotional connection to the rain and grey winters, the hands of destiny guided her once again…further south. This time they brought her to a Magical Town. In a warm and beautiful landscape where the whale met the cactus – a happy, sunny and adventurous place where she is inspired daily by all the Colorful Life that is there.”

EMILIATrisha writes, “I have fallen in deep inspiration with the rich culture I’ve observed in Mexico for the past 15 years. The colors, the patterns, the people and their personalities and traditions and most of all, the diverse natural landscapes. This inspiration has resulted in a series I have been having a love affair with called “Colorful Life”. This series has thrown me into the arms of a medium called mixed media collage and I will never look back. I love collage because of its spontaneous, forgiving and narrative nature. It is therapeutic. I feel I can express myself better with this medium more than I can with just a paintbrush or with just a camera. It not only opens a world of impossible associations but can harmoniously link thoughts, styles and even artistic technique used throughout history. It breathes new life into old discarded forgotten art that should be appreciated and admired.”

Trisha Oldfield is an emerging multi-media collage artist. Her work possesses a distinctive contemporary style –a result of her strong background and experience in graphic design and commercial illustration. Her collages are composed of custom and vintage photographs and illustrations, acrylic paint, pouring mediums, specialty papers and wood- all orchestrated together into detailed and whimsical compositions.


Join us for a glass of wine and to celebrate Trisha Oldfield and her newest body of work, Thursday February 4th from 5-9pm, the artist will be in attendance! If you are unable to celebrate with us at our opening event, but have an interest in these works, contact the gallery to receive a digital catalogue.
Galeria de Ida Victoria, located on Guerrero street, is an award-winning gallery that has been a pioneer and fixture in the downtown art scene for the last 13 years. The gallery boasts a roster of over 20 artists and the collection, ranging from paintings, sculpture and prints can only be described as eclectic. There is also a Custom Frame studio on premises that specializes in archival preservation framing of original works of art.idaviclogobynlowres


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