Claire Becker at Galeria Corsica

I think, then I feel, therefore I play
by José Springer

Blunt, ingenious, luminous, evocative are all adjectives to describe the work of Claire Becker, an artist with much to reveal about human interaction. What stands out at first glance in her sculptural work, objects and installations, is a statement of the artist that with simplicity uncovers the human body in its most descriptive details. In these works the interaction of diverse materials (stone, plaster, metal, found objects) situates the thematic within a symbolic context overflowing with a character as much ironic as elegant. […]

The fragmented human body is the foundation and common denominator of her inquiry. The relation between fragment and reality isn’t only one of appearance, for in several of her works the images appear more sign than icon. Two levels of reading exist here: the experimental, and the narrative. […]

It’s obvious that Claire Becker has followed the path of art precisely because it doesn’t have rules. This allows her to modify the ways of reading, constantly imposed by visual communication, stereotypes and prejudices. Nonetheless her work also offers a sensual, or better-said metaphysical aspect in which the objects are constructed like visual poems of great beauty, like in such pieces as “Arrecife” (“Coral reef”), a beautiful installation that looks like a waterfall of flying leaves. Looking more closely one observes that the leaves are really palms of the hand, which in their delicacy and evocation of a caress suggest the poetic reconstruction of the world beginning with our bodies and our desires.

In her ability to give form to the folds and springs of the temperament of each culture, this artist reveals the influence of three civilizations which have nourished her experience: Saxon linguistic rationalism, the elegant sensuality characteristic of French culture, and the complex Baroque of materials and handcraft of Mexican art. As an artist in search of new identities, Claire encounters in her work that point at which the critical joins the ironic, the ironic flirts with the sensual, and the whole melts into a multi-faceted, reflective material.

Cielos plenos

Claire Becker, born in Paris, France, grew up and studied art, music, theater and dance in the city of Strasbourg.

In 1987, with a scholarship in dance, she moved to New York City where she continued studying and working as a visual artist and a dancer. She remained in New York until 1997, and since then, she resides in Mexico; presently, she lives and works in Mexico City.

She has had more than 20 individual exhibitions in museums and galleries, and has participated in exhibitions and art fairs in Mexico, France, Germany, USA, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Singapore, China and Italy (including the Venice Biennale In 2009).


Galeria Corsica have the pleasure to invite you to “De Boca en Boca” (“From word of mouth”) Exhibition by the International sculptor Claire Becker, this Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 of January.

This exhibition will surely be a fantastic experience for the visitors and collectors who look for a unique style in contemporary art.

We will be honored to see you in the exhibition. For the VIP show, we ́ll appreciate if you would confirm your assistance. The artist will be present in both events.

Respectfully Yours,
Edgar Villavicencio
Director Galeria Corsica Los Cabos

Claire Becker at Galeria Corsica_



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